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Why bother?

Healthcare is everywhere, but we don’t really get it

I hope we can all agree upfront that healthcare is universally relevant. Sooner or later, we will all face a disease and healthcare will play a role in our lives. Despite such universality, healthcare systems seem very poorly understood. There are several moving parts within the system, many of which are quite unique and not found anywhere else, such as moral issues, the level of government regulation, and the special relationship between patient and doctor.

Untangling what makes healthcare hard to understand

Earlier this year, as an outsider trying to make sense of healthcare, the whole system looked like a pile of wires, dozens of them, all completely tangled. I spoke to many industry insiders in Brazil and learned a lot from them, but most of their views seemed extremely nearsighted. I could not find any clear and comprehensive description of the whole system and its numerous issues.

My goal for this series of essays is to demystify healthcare, making it less confusing, and to bring order and legibility for those that are struggling to disentangle the messy pile of wires. In some ways, this series can also be seen as my attempt to answer the question, do I truly understandIn life, I aspire to find clarity to important subjects, ones that on surface appear to be one thing, but when truly dissected, are something else. I derive intense pleasure from uncovering these secrets.

what healthcare is. If so, am I able to reduce it to its essence?

What will you get from this series?

By successfully reducing healthcare to its essence, I should be able to come up with reasonable answersReasonable answers defined as plausible explanations that fit appropriately the observations that can be made.

as to why things are structured the way they are. Throughout this process, we should be able to:

Hopefully, this series of posts will provide a useful framework for evaluating new initiatives designed to improve the healthcare system.

Chasing the Essence of Healthcare

I invite you to come with me on this journey, where we will deconstruct something that seems complex (always a fun exercise!) I’m calling this series Chasing the Essence of Healthcare, and here are the essays already available:

  1. Why bother? (you are here!)
  2. Precious creatures, unsolved problems, and morality
  3. What does the patient need?

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